(2) Romania (RO) (Example)

This is Romania, a country of about 19 million, located in Europe.




The trade indicator includes information on imports and exports of goods and services, as well as total trade (imports + exports) as percentage of GDP. Representing trade relative to the country’s GDP (the size of its economy) shows the importance of trade in the country’s economy. Data are for the last 15 years, from 2005 to 2019, and were obtained from the World Development Indicators available through the World Bank’s DataBank. The graphs also include data on EU trade average, to give additional context to Romania’s data. The EU was selected as a point of comparison because Romania is a member state.

Imports of goods and services, % GDP (compared to the EU)
Exports of goods and services, % GDP (compared to the EU)
Trade, exports and imports, % GDP (compared to the EU)