What to post on your country page


  • Go to “(1) COUNTRY PAGE GUIDELINES” for information on the content to include in your report.
  • During the week of 9/18, you are only working on the “GLOBALIZATION” aspect of your country report.


  • Include a brief explanation of the indicator you are presenting; make sure it’s clear what the numbers represent: USD, millions of USD, people, thousands of people, percentage etc.
  • When you post your individual information, also include your name.


  • Two options here:
    • Write the “This is COUNTRY” section, then include a link to a cloud-based document that has your report on globalization.
    • Include your entire report on this webpage (i.e., copy tables and figures on this page).
  • In either case, please be careful with your formatting, accuracy, and description of indicators, so others in our class can use your report for their essay.


  • Each student in your pod should contribute at least one indicator from the list. As strong contribution will have sufficient information to be able to draw conclusions (e.g., the “Trade” entry for Romania constitutes one indicator; the “Container ports in Romania” entry is another indicator).
  • As a group, you will assign different globalization indicators to different members of your pod on 9/18. Individually, students will add their indicators by Wednesday, 9/23.