What to post on your country page


  • Go to “(1) COUNTRY PAGE GUIDELINES” for information on the content to include in your report.
  • For the first data post, you are only working on the “GLOBALIZATION” aspect of your country report. The second is on the “SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT FOR BUSINESS.”


  • Include a brief explanation of the indicator you are presenting; make sure it’s clear what the numbers represent: USD, millions of USD, people, thousands of people, percentage etc.
  • When you post your individual information, also include your name (in parentheses, next to each indicator you are contributing).


  • Include graphs, data tables, explanations, and sources on your country page.
  • Please be careful with your formatting, accuracy, and description of indicators, so others in our class can use your report for their essay.


  • Each student in your pod should contribute at least one indicator from the list. A strong contribution will have sufficient information to be able to draw conclusions (e.g., the “Trade” entry for Romania constitutes one indicator; the “Container ports in Romania” entry is another indicator).
  • As a group, you will assign different globalization indicators to different members of your pod. Individually, students will add their indicators by each deadline.